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School of Promise

Education is a basic requirement of childhood development that escapes many children living in this part of the world, who—while education is free—cannot afford the costs of books and materials required as part of their course work.  Dropout rates escalate when families cannot provide funds for educational materials required in the classroom. Since the need to survive prevails above all else, education is considered a luxury for many.  You can break the cycle of poverty for these children by becoming a Young Achievers sponsor.


Many indigenous families make their living from farming.  As a result, children often help out on the farm. High school graduates are rare.  Faith Adventure is helping to break the cycle of poverty by providing children with the books and materials they need to learn.


Please consider touching one life through sponsorship.  You can help a child stay in school with a financial blessing that would allow them to buy the books and materials they need, thus eliminating their risk of dropping out.  By giving them the gift of education, you help prepare them to take on life’s challenges.

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